Where can I find cheaper car insurance quotes?

I’m 17 in a few months, have a car, and have been checking insurance quotes.
From my previous experience of quotes from Churchill, Quinn-Direct, Directline etc. it doesn’t cost much, if at all, to insure on my provisional license with hopes of changing the policy to insure me on a full license in the future.

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There´s a lot of variables to compose a cost of insurance like age, sex, married or not and, as you said, the provisional license. Of course that it will make it more expensive. When I was in your situation, I always looked for a insurance in the name of my mother and added me as a second driver (ocasionally). If I remember, it was by Caixa Econômica or Bradesco Auto. Try to make a simulation on its websites.

Obs: You´ve posted on Aviation Category… Try the automobiles category for more suggestions….

i don’t known why the question is in english, but i prefer to have an insurance broker that i can call him straightly when i have some problem. I think that the Insurance companies are very bureaucratic and they delay it resolve our problems.

Not sure where you came up with ‘it doesn’t cost much’ when most youngsters are screaming out about how expensive it is…. your car engine size means that they will up our quotes considerably and they are not keen on youngsters driving around without any experience in a car with an engine that size.!!! By the end of this year it will cost you nearly 2000 to get insurance on a car like that with no actual experience other than lessons and passing a test. As a provisional driver you are accompanied by another driver so it is not bad, but once you pass and change the policy to a newly qualified driver it is going to go through the roof.

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